Case Study: A Venture-backed Tech Start-up

Graphite is a Utah-based SaaS start-up that has been growing by triple digits year over year. Like many venture-backed start-ups, it is hyper aware of its bottom line and its need to scale quickly and effectively.

The Problem: 

With the competitive hiring market, Graphite spent nearly a year unsuccessfully trying to fill certain roles that were critical to its continued growth. It also recognized the need to expand its workforce globally, but didn't know how to get there.

The Solution: 

Within two weeks of contacting Bloom, Graphite had interviewed and onboarded qualified, driven, and cost-effective team members — team members that it had spent a year unsuccessfully trying to find on its own. Since then, Graphite has grown its international team 5x with Bloom, expanding across geographies, roles and languages.

The Result: 

"Our Bloom hires are as good or better than what we have seen domestically. I am reluctant to even extend our domestic workforce in some areas because our Bloom workforce has been so great.”

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