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Case Study: Building a world-class customer service team with Bloom

Graphite is a Utah-based SaaS start-up that has been growing by triple digits year over year. Like many venture-backed start-ups, it is hyper aware of its bottom line and its need to scale quickly and effectively.


Client: Graphite - Supply Management SaaS
100% of Graphite's customer support team built with Bloom
26 Team Members
5,300+ Resolved tickets a month
8,000+ Data validation requests

The Problem: 

Graphite faced a common challenge in the competitive hiring market, where building a strong Customer Support team was proving to be a difficult task. Their goal was to provide prompt assistance while increasing customer satisfaction. This would result in them achieving their business goals and increase their retention.

Additionally they needed to expand their workforce globally, but weren’t sure how to do it or where to start.

The Solution: 

Two weeks after meeting with the Bloom team, Graphite received quick support to interview and onboard qualified, driven and cost-effective team members. They scaled their operations timely and seamlessly, not having to compromise their quality, brand voice and service standards.

Thanks to Bloom’s exclusive talent pool and the hands-on hiring experience, Graphite built a winning customer service team in a few weeks – and bridged the gap to working with top international talent at the same time.

“Bloom listens to what I need. They have a great pre-screening process, I’m not getting candidates that aren’t qualified. I’m getting people that match my needs.”

The Result: 

Today, Graphite's customer support team of 25+ people has been built entirely through Bloom, where they are producing more than 5,300+ resolved tickets each month.

Because this initial team has performed so well, they've also grown other teams through, including data analysis where they're now completing more than 8,000+ data validation requests each month.

Through Graphite's dedicated Client Success Manager from Bloom, they can count on ongoing support, performance reviews, and best practices to consistently deliver top-notch results for international team members for the specific job at hand.

"Our Bloom team members are as good or better than what we have seen domestically. I am reluctant to even extend our domestic workforce in some areas because our Bloom workforce has been so great.” -Laura Florence, Director of Customer Success

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