Refer a client. Go on a humanitarian trip abroad with us----on our dime.
We're a mission-driven company and we love working with mission-driven people.
How to refer a client to Bloom
1. Fill out the form
Click the Refer a Client  button to provide us details regarding your referral.
2. Receive updates
We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your referral and if it becomes a Bloom client.
3. Come travel with us
For a qualified new client, we’ll pay for you and a guest to join us on a ROAM Humanitarian trip abroad.
Refer a Client
Questions? Answers
What are the terms and conditions of this current referral program?
What are some upcoming humanitarian trips to choose from?
Can I refer multiple companies and contacts?
How will Bloom keep me updated on the progress of the referrals I give?
I am a business leader. Can I refer my own company for this referral program?
What does our typical client profile look like?
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