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Hire top international talent that have studied or worked alongside Americans for years — all without the headaches of international hiring.

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Exclusive Talent

Most of our 10,000+ person talent pool have studied at accredited US universities and/or have worked alongside Americans. This unique approach means you're only interacting with premium candidates — see for yourself.

The Bloom Difference

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Scale With Speed

Whether you're looking to hire 2 people or bring on a team of 25, we provide fast and flexible hiring built for scale. Get started in a few days, not a few weeks. Pick the pricing plan that's right for you.

Global Footprint

Because of our remote-first approach, we've been able to expand faster & farther than traditional firms. We have operations across all major languages and timezones — whatever your hiring needs are, we can help.

Hire Smarter

Because Bloom hires and pays all agents directly, you're not responsible for any international taxes, forms, or fees. This mitigates risk for your business while still allowing you to grow your team with top remote talent.

Mission Driven

We're not just another outsourcing group. We work with college-educated candidates, pay well above average wages, provide unique community resources, and are on a mission to create 10,000 jobs in the developing world. Learn more here.

Customer Support in Full Bloom

Scale support teams like never before

Scale Teams, Smarter

Bloom eliminates the heavy lifting and headaches when it comes to growing your support teams.

We hand-select agents based on your hiring needs, you hold interviews, and select the agents you want to work with -- all on your terms.

We'll take care of all the behind the scenes work, so you can focus on whatever moves the needle for your business.

Bloom handles 100% of global payroll
Verified internet speeds & hardware devices
Regular performance reviews with your US-based account manager

The Bloom Difference

Here's what sets us apart from the crowd -- the majority of our exclusive talent pool (10,000+ agents globally) have spent years working or studying alongside Americans.

This means you're only interacting the with agents that are used to rubbing (virtual) shoulders with English speakers, are critical thinkers, and have soft-skills that are otherwise hard to come by.

Global Footprint

Because of our remote-first approach, we have the ability to scale across timezones, languages, and headcount in ways that other firms can't.

It also means we don't have traditional overhead and our pricing plans are hard to beat.

All major timezones & languages
Certified internet & hardware checks
Interview agents in 2 days

Talent in your time zone

No more late night or early morning meetings – because they're based in a similar time zone, your Bloom agents work when you work, no matter where you sit on the planet.

Customer Experience Experts

While we've hired everything from QA testers to SDR's, we're experts in the world of customer experience.

Meet multilingual agents for the following roles & more:
SaaS Support & CSM's
Ecommerce Support
Technical Support
Live Chat Support
Virtual Call Centers

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See for yourself

Average retention rate
Agents in our exclusive talent pool around the globe
1 week
To meet your first candidates and start scaling your team

How It Works

Get In Touch

Let us know what success looks like for positions you're looking to fill as well as for your team. We'll work together to pick the project plan that's best suited for your specific business needs and hiring goals.

Meet Top Talent

We'll hand-select top talent from our exclusive network that match your hiring criteria. All candidates are screened by our specialists in written, verbal, project-based, & home office tests before you interview them.

Get Started

Select the agents you want to work with and get started. You'll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who will ensure a long-term partnership and guaranteed performance by your new hires.

Grow Your Team

Because Bloom hires the selected candidates on your behalf, you're free to focus on growing your team and getting work done. Leave all the behind the scenes of international hiring and payroll to us.

"The Bloom team has been amazing to work with. They helped us fill several key roles that we needed to add very quickly, and our customer support has never been better."
Scott Smith, CEO, CloudApp
“Bloom has quickly become our ‘go-to’ resource for additional team members. This has brought us extended reach and cost efficiency without compromise to talent quality.”
Conrad Smith, CEO, Graphite
“As demand for our business has grown during our peak season, we were able to grow our team with 25+ Bloom agents in rapid fashion. We’ve been able to win new business and the agents have been great to work with.”
Brandon  W., COO, leading consumer company

Our Mission

There's more to us than meets the eye — we're on a mission to create 10,000 jobs in the developing world.

Helping our hires bloom where they're planted influences every decision we make.

Learn More About Our Mission
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Remote teams, reimagined.
In the age of the remote workforce, scale your team smarter with Bloom's exclusive talent pool of US-educated team members abroad.

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"The Bloom team has been amazing to work with. They helped us fill several key roles that we needed to add very quickly, and our customer support has never been better."
Scott Smith, CEO, CloudApp